20150802 Bear on a stormy day

This afternoon we saw this lil cub in the field across the road.  It was eating the unripe choke/black cherries and took off right after this photo…


… bears are having a hard time with NO blueberries, few cranberries, NO huckleberries, and a light crop of cherries.

This is the field where the lil guy was foraging…. under an angry sky:



Meadow Rue (Thalictrum) seeds caught some raindrops.



And here are unripe black cherries after a shower:


Click on the above to see the image in the water droplet.


20150729-31 Greater Prairie Chickens at Burwash and local bugs

On the way back from Sudbury we checked out Burwash and visited with folks who lived in the town of Burwash before the Industrial Farm was closed in 1974. Many of them make a practice of camping near Cemetery Lake (the old townsite) over the August 1st Weekend.  They were very eager to point out the extraordinary self-sufficiency of the institution and its supporting facilities.  Whilst chatting we saw the deep grass moving, resulting in this photo: P1650603-1 … a group of female Greater Prairie Chickens were sneaking by.  These are probably remnants of birds that were earlier brought in from Canadian prairies where they are now extirpated due to habitat loss. “In May 2000, the Canadian Species at Risk Act listed the greater prairie chicken as extirpated in its Canadian range (Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario).[3] It was again confirmed by the Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada in November 2009.[4]” It surprises me that, with the remnants of Bison (introduced to Burwash in 1940), Elk (Replenished at Burwash in 1940 and 1998-2001),  Chukar Partridge and Greater Prairie Chickens, the Burwash site isn’t  an area protected from hunters. Later we saw diptera and hymenoptera loading up on nectar  on thistles and milkweeds: P1650695-1 P1650719-1 All while we had some interesting skies due to  unstable convective conditions: P1650743-1-2 I haven’t been taking a lot of photos lately.  Working on some other projects and trying to get my boat into the water!