20180501-05 Buffleheads, fog, Kestrel, Moose, Coltsfoot

Spring arrived in a rush.  The moisture in warm air coming in from the southwest condensed as it ran over the colder land, snow and water.  Birds were migrating and the first of our wildflowers were seen

The dock poles at St Amants Marina are freed of ice….

Fog forms over this swamp on Burwash Road…

Japanese-like scene on Murdock River Road …

Interesting patterns of water, ice and snow at the Highway 522 pond between Grundy Lake PP and Pakesley.

Morning radiation fog at St Amants…

Coltsfoot blooming in a gravel quarry off of Avro Arrow Road.   The sun had warmed up the well-drained gravel, signalling the it was time for the plant to flower, attracting some pollinators…

An American Kestrel pauses for the photographer on her annual migration north.

Mother goose eyes the photographer (from a nesting place?)

A pair of Buffleheads pause in their diving behaviour.

A molting “swamp donkey” is munching on red maple shoots as it hides from the photographer at the Hwy 637 / Hwy 400 intersection.

We are expecting an explosive spring as the noon sun is high in the sky and the days are long, giving lots of solar radiation over about 14:40 hours of our 24-hour day.  In about 6 weeks we’ll peak with another hour of daylight.  So lots of flora and fauna will be changing.

One thought on “20180501-05 Buffleheads, fog, Kestrel, Moose, Coltsfoot

  1. Tom, thank you for these transition scenes from our late Winter to Spring and shortly Summer. Always wonders to behold. xoxo

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