20180520-21 Ephemerals are well on their way

The leaves of the poplars, willows, alders, maples, are starting to unfurl now, leaving little more time for the spring ephemerals to get energy from Sun. Although the forest floor is coming alive with trilliums, trout lilies, carolina spring beauties etc, I am not seeing many pollinators.  Maybe, hopefully, they are just delayed.

Calm water at Big Lake…

Provincial emblem near Twin Rivers…

Yellow Warbler at Big Lake…

Two Interrupted Ferns having a tête-à-tête.

Uh-oh!  A full meeting of them…

One of these has a visitor….

In a few weeks we’ll be snacking on wild strawberries.  Yummy!

This songbird sang and sang and sang from high up on a dead tree.    I had never seen nor heard a Brown Thrasher doing that before.  The link has a very good example of their songs.

I recently subscribed to https://nhgardensolutions.wordpress.com/  mainly because of the great photography and information at this post:   https://nhgardensolutions.wordpress.com/2018/05/19/bud-break-and-other-forest-secrets/



6 thoughts on “20180520-21 Ephemerals are well on their way

  1. Dear Tom .. THANK YOU for these views .. all the wee ones are coming up and the beautiful songs from above that we are now able to hear. xoxo

  2. Hey Tom…I love your fern people. I wonder what they’re talking about? Maybe they’re saying, “What are we going to do about that pesky photographer?” or “Who’s the weirdo sneaking around the bush?” Great shot at Big Lake, so Georgian Bay!

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