20180624 June Flower crab spider, Northern Crescent, Shiny beetles, Hoverflies, Four-spotted skimmer.

These photos were taken in the third week of June along the Forest Access Road.  Pollinators and their predators were active…

A flower crab spider lies in wait in an Oxeye daisy…

This Skipper is avoiding the spider….

This Northern Crescent is checking out the Oxeye daisy bud….

A portion of the Forest Access road was invaded by these shiny beetles, eating everything in sight …

This dragonfly is eating its lunch while resting on a clump of earth…

Hoverflies were busy pollinating buttercups and daisies…

The first brood of White Admirals were flitting about, this one enjoying some sunshine …

Here are several photos of the Four-spotter Skimmer dragonfly.  Look closely at the first photo to see what the dragonfly is doing … (click on the photo to see what the predator is doing.)


These Four-spotted skimmers perch on vertical stems to eat their prey or to search for more — usually looking down-sun.  They seemed to be very prolific this year — feeding on mosquitoes and deer flies.  Those painfully biting deer flies also seemed to have a good year.  They make stopping beside water a pain sometimes!

It is now August 22 so I am a long ways behind in my blogging.  I got this in my mail a few days ago.  Well worth reading…


So is this…


and this …


Now I better get back to sorting and editing the load of pictures that have accumulated over the last two months!!!

Have you tried clicking on “The Picture Maker” in the right hand portion of the title block above?

2 thoughts on “20180624 June Flower crab spider, Northern Crescent, Shiny beetles, Hoverflies, Four-spotted skimmer.

  1. Dear Tom .. thank you for these lovely pix … it’s all in the intricate details when it comes to Mother Nature. xoxo

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