20180610-12 Birdies, bugs and blooms

Spring is here!  Lots of new things to see.  Some familiar sights too — like this Mallard cruising through the duckweed on a pond along Hwy 522…


Yellow pond lily with visitor, possibly attracted by the alcoholic scent of the blossom:

Orange hawkweed up close.  Click on the picture to get even closer…

Fern frond enjoying a few minutes in the sunshine….

When I first saw this, I thought that it was an Eastern Phoebe.

Then it flew away …. not an Eastern Phoebe.  But what is it??   Rictal bristles indicate an insectivore.   Some sort of fly-catcher??

Nice picture of buttercup.  Usually difficult to photograph because of its shiny surface.

The purple pitcher plants are continuing to grown along Highway 529 …


Another buttercup…

Pollen floating on a little pond (or is it floating in the sky?)

Solomon’s plume

Ox Eye Daisy visited by a nectaring Flower Fly.  (aka Hover Fly, Syrphid Fly)

A little skipper on the sphagnum moss …

Another skipper (duskywing?) nectaring on cow vetch …

Common Yarrow is attracting lots of pollinators …

I heard this Merlin near the end of Riverside Drive.  Click on the “Listen” button in the link to hear what I heard.   I think that it might have a nest in the area.

An iridescent European Starling posing for the photog….

Wild roses are adding their beauty and fragrance along the roadsides…

I have no idea what this birdie is.  Finch?

As usual, I am learning that there is lots to learn in nature!

A good place to learn:




4 thoughts on “20180610-12 Birdies, bugs and blooms

  1. Love the photo of the yellow pond lily with its reflection in the water! Beautiful!

  2. Dear Tom,. thank you for these lovely views of our birdies +++ and the yellow pond lily is lovely along with the buttercups. xoxo

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