20180606 Late spring flowers, rock pigeon, eastern kingbird, pearl crescent, skipper, merlin

We stopped several times along Hwy 526 to enjoy some blossoms, butterflies and birdies…

This is the most uncommon cherry in our neigbourhood — Great Lakes Sandcherry

It grows up to about 75 cm.

This shrub is also low, but is usually seen in tamarack and/or spruce bogs — Labrador Tea.

Along the rocky roadside of Hwy 529 is this clump of Purple Pitcher Plants….

Sparse blooms on this Canada Mayflower….

Aha!  Two parents now.  One chick.

Wild roses are just starting their long blooming period…

This rock pigeon was pecking at insects along the roadside…

This pair of Eastern Kingbirds with their white-tipped tails were hawking insects from Dave and Irene’s pagewire fence…

As Rick Cavasin says at his website, “The Pearl and Northern Crescents were declared separate species relatively recently, and there is still some question as to whether there are additional species in this complex.  In any case, distinguishing them is problematic, as everyone seems to use slightly different criteria to tell them apart.  As such, my identifications here should be taken with a grain of salt.”    Here is more information on the Northern Crescent.

This little critter looks like a Hobomok Skipper

Here is a Syrphid (Hover or Flower) Fly nectaring on a early Oxeye Daisy …

Nice rock reflection seen from Skerryvore Community Road, off of Shebeshekong Road.

A good crop of Cottongrass looking west from Shebeshekong Road in the Shawanaga Reserve.

A nice example of Iris versicolor (Blue Flag Iris)

First showing of the much-maligned Orange Hawkweed (also called the Devil’s Paintbrush by some folks in BC.)

The spring sun backlights this Cow Vetch , another plant considered as invasive by some folks.

This Merlin surveyed the photographer ….

… before flying off into the Wild Blue Yonder ….

Some beautiful photography and text here:  https://dragonfliessmile.wordpress.com/2018/06/13/mushrooms/

Here too:  https://naturallycuriouswithmaryholland.wordpress.com/2018/06/13/bunchberry-flowering/