20160227 After the snow storm — blowing snow

We awoke to some nice snowdrifts on Thursday (25th) morning.  This drift is in the path from my main door to the car:


Later in the day we went for a short drive and checked out the cornices caused by strong winds, around 50 kph, blowing the snow about:









Later in the day:


And, Friday, a trip to Meshaw Falls on the French River …


More snow forecast over the next week or so.   I am not sure that we need more.

20160224 Early February: RIP Buddy, local scenes including Grouse

The most significant event that happened to me in February was the loss of Buddy on the night of Feb 18th.  He had a long and interesting life, being born to cosmopolitan parents in 1998 (as near as we can tell).  Many masters, always engaged and affectionate.  Here he is in the truck:

P1070025-1 copy

January went out in a warm fog


With many  creeks and ditches flowing: P1750465-1

But things got back to normal with a cold snap in Mid February:


We saw this lone Ruffed Grouse on the side of Hwy 529 ….


And, yesterday, we came across a flock of immature and female Spruce Grouse on Riverside Drive.

P1750528-1 P1750617-1 P1750701-1 P1750724-1 P1750767-1 P1750793-1

We haven’t been keeping this blog up to date recently as I had some medical issues that needed to be resolved.  I was very well cared for and am up and about, rarin’ to go!   Big snowstorm forecast for this afternoon and tomorrow so maybe we’ll get some more snow pix.


Who knows what we’ll see.