20160227 After the snow storm — blowing snow

We awoke to some nice snowdrifts on Thursday (25th) morning.  This drift is in the path from my main door to the car:


Later in the day we went for a short drive and checked out the cornices caused by strong winds, around 50 kph, blowing the snow about:









Later in the day:


And, Friday, a trip to Meshaw Falls on the French River …


More snow forecast over the next week or so.   I am not sure that we need more.

4 thoughts on “20160227 After the snow storm — blowing snow

  1. Looks like you’re having quite the winter there Tom. Here in Oakville we have no snow at all. It’s been like this all winter. Beautiful shots!

  2. Tom, thank you so much, especiially for those ethereal pix You are back in Top Form and we now have something special to look forward to. xoxo

  3. These were spectacular, I loved the snow sparkles and drifts! I shovelled for 5 hours that day before I could get around to the back door! The last shot of open water reflection was my favourite. Thanks Love Diana XXXOOO

  4. Thank you all for your comments and encouragement. I see that there are expectations that I’ll have to live up to!!! : -) We are having a drenching rain now which will turn to snow overnight. Who knows what tomorrow will bring …. always something different and interesting subjects to photograph.

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