20180529 Squirrel, Flycatcher, Otter, Dragonflies and Spring flora

We saw this American Red Squirrel feasting on Staghorn Sumac fruits, a change from its usual diet of seeds from conifer cones.

This Great Crested Flycatcher surveyed the photographer from its perch on this dead limb…

… and then went back to surveying the area for prey …

I  saw this beastie scurrying through the junipers near Community Road in Britt.  I tried to get to the clearing in time to “capture” it.  Alas!  Too late!  All I got was its characteristic hump at 1/200 sec.   It’s the first time I’ve seen an otter in such terrain so I’m including it here.


Interrupted ferns are reaching their interrupted phase nowadays….

The tightly closed flowerheads of the Purple Pitcher Plants along Hwy 529 are about 15 cm above the base now.

Another unknown Dragonfly:

Aha! This one is easy to ID as a male Chalk-fronted Corporal

A nice example of a Blue-eyed Grass, of which we have three:  Common Blue-eyed Grass, Slender Blue-eyed Grass and Stout Blue-eyed Grass.  All are members of the Iris family of flowers.

A  Bunch:

Another unidentified beastie … this time a little (~1 cm wingspan) tan moth(?), well camouflaged.

Another tiny beastie, about 1 cm bow to stern, Skipper-sized, but I cannot ID it.

This one hung around long enough to get a defining picture:   A Northern Wild Raisin in bud:

Mother Goose still on her nest …

Solomon’s Plume (AKA False Solomon’s Seal is about to blossom while it hosts a visiting hoverfly:

The last of the spring ephemerals are fading quickly….


This is what Allen Norcross posted earlier today:


…. a good indicator what we’ll be seeing next week!

One thought on “20180529 Squirrel, Flycatcher, Otter, Dragonflies and Spring flora

  1. Dear Tom, Thank you again for these beautiful pix .. a treat to view. Partial to “A Bunch”. xoxo

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