20160229 Returning from Parry Sound in the wake of snow squalls

We visited with Muskoka Artist Connie Zator ( whose paintings might look familiar to some) and stopped to snap some pix on the return trip.

The wind was  kicking up little gusts of blowing snow on Hwy 529:



Causing varied reflections of light off of the windblown snow drifts:


And interesting peaks into some backlit drifting of blowing snow:


Some interesting rays of sun glinting off of the little whirlwinds of snow:

P1760115-1 P1760157-1


Threatening squall over Bayfield Inlet:


Snowplow stirring up some more snow and tossing it far into the bush:


Ripples and drifts were forming on Big Lake:


St Amants’ dock poles in the late afternoon sun:


And the lone clump of sedge in the evening shade:


Interesting trip.  Always something different.

5 thoughts on “20160229 Returning from Parry Sound in the wake of snow squalls

  1. Thank you for that interesting display of light (..esp. those incredible grey clouds) – the storm here gifted us with defeaning winds and curtains of blinding, blowing snow. You take care.

    • Yes, I was gifted with a driveway full of drifts upon my return. Little car went through them ok, though. 🙂

  2. Thank you! Nature is the poet. I just set the type! Especially when she sends her Sun’s rays down to me through some trees! 🙂

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