20160305 First week of March

Here are some pix taken March 3, 4, 5th in the area around Britt:

Oft photo’d tuft of juniper on Riverside Drive amoung crystals of snow reflecting and refracting sunlight.


Ruffed Grouse heading for cover …


Tracks of an animal that emerged from the open water in the ditch behind the former Skylight Motel.


Yes, an otter, dragging its tail in spots.

Downy or Hairy?


Downy Woodpecker, which has a shorter beak than the Hairy Woodpecker.

Oft photographed tree:




Wintering flower stalks from a cultivated succulent whose name I have forgotten.  Help.

Click on the image for some texture ….


Afternoon skies on Boucher’s Road….




So far March has been lamb-like.  So we might get a bit of a roar in a few weeks!

3 thoughts on “20160305 First week of March

  1. Re the 3rd from the bottom pic…”click for some texture” – if you use a bit of imagination, it becomes a sun burnt oasis in a sea of hot white sand. Just me having fun with your lovely pictures.

  2. Dear Tom, I am still amazed how you are able to find and bring these treasure to us. Thank you xoxoxoxo

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