At the beginning…

…. there was a page full of geeky stuff inviting me to play.  So I am starting.  Hopefully this will relieve my friends of  those lengthy emails complete with endless photos.

Now, all that we need is for me to learn how to use this wonderful machinery.

First an image….

090424 in Penticton BC

090424 in Penticton BC

Now, I wonder if I can take a piece of email and post it here….hmmm.  Lets try.
This is near Okanagan Falls, showing what the landscape is like without irrigation from mountain reservoirs:

Okanagan spring flora

Okanagan spring flora

The trees are “Bull Pine”  a variant of  the Ponderosa Pine that grows all along the Interior Plateau of Western North America from BC to Mexico.  The grey plants are Antelope Bush.  You can also see the brunch grass and the occasional rabbbit bush that grows in this zone.  The brilliant yellow flowers are Sunflowers, now intensely studied as a key plant in the theories of hybridization.

Now it’s time to try to upload two images at once.  How about these two:

Mountain sheep at Radium Hot Springs

Mountain sheep at Radium Hot Springs

Couldn’t get two images that were separated in a file.  Lets try several in a file….

Can’t seem to upload a batch of images…. yet.  I’ll have to study more to find how to do that.

This is enough for my first attempt.

Lets Publish and hear from the critics!


(I just used “Update Post” to add this little PS)

8 thoughts on “At the beginning…

  1. Not bad, SomeOddKnee.
    Keep working at it.
    Sooner or late you will catch up to the rest of the world!

  2. Good stuff Tom. You can figure out just about anything.
    Tom for Mayor of Britt.

    Safe travels the rest of the way home !!

  3. As you know I do hang on your every word but you’ve got to admit, there are A LOT of words! I’m so impressed that you constantly “new and improve” yourself.

    I think this is a much better way of keeping us all tuned in to your tour. I’ll pay attention and learn.

    By the way NICE CAR! Hope you’re well and having a great ride. We all miss you here.

  4. Hey Tom,
    First time I ever responded in one of these things (Blogs) so you are dragging me into the realm of my Grand Kids. Great narration but, I have come to expect no less from you my friend. As with all your readers, I look forward to our virtual trip.

    Stay safe,


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