20150524 Local Butterfly, flowers and birdies

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Yesterday we had breakfast at French River with ex-airforce buddy Kip.  Good reminiscences.

On the way back we detoured via Key River and the Forest Access Road to see some sights.

An uncommon, for me, Silvery Blue butterfly:


Jack-in-the-pulpit, behind Camp Dore:


Interesting reflection of Marsh Marigolds along Hwy 522:


The Canada Columbines are nearing their peak of blooming.  The link shows the relationship between Columbines and migrating hummingbirds and hawkmoths. I know of a good bunch across the highway and will spend some time there today looking for hummingbirds.  It would be nice to photo a ruby throat near these beautiful flowers.  Forecast high is 24ºC with no wind so I might get lucky!   : )


On my way to supper at the D. & M., with daughter J., I saw this American Yellow Warbler flitting around in a willow:

P1470151 P1470137

J was very helpful in sharing her experience as a book author, publisher, educator and blogger.   Now all I have to do is implement her advice.  Easier said than done as I struggled with changing the theme of this blog.  Having difficulty learning the interface.  I need practice but more importantly I need a better understanding of the structure  of this blogging system.  Experimentation seems to be the secret!

At this stage, this blog is almost as quick as dashing off an email with attachments.   The advantage for you is that you can get  much better quality images (if you chose to click on them) and you don’t have your email clogging up!

Lots to learn, eh, Jessica?

3 thoughts on “20150524 Local Butterfly, flowers and birdies

  1. Love these pictures! I especially love the silvery blue butterfly! I’m happy to support in anyway I can. Your photos are outstanding and I just love how you’re documenting the landscape (and its inhabitants) through pictures. It’s such a joy to see this area through your eyes!

    • Thanks Jessica and thanks for your help. I am deep into learning about WordPress but will quit for a while … to enjoy this nice warm day c/w camera. Thanks for Dave and Maureen’s hospitality. A great time!

      Safe trip back!


  2. Professor, you are AWESOME and just loved your photos, prose, prattle and possibilities

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