20150525 Rainy Day trip to Parry Sound

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Yesterday we  poked around in the rain and went to Parry Sound via the (in)famous Skerryvore Community Road.

This Ring-billed Gull was very interested in the portable blind and came through the heavy rain for an inspection.




Raindrop on White Spruce tip in my driveway:


Yes, an instant later it did fall.  That drop looks like it was stretching before releasing. It would be neat to capture the separation in slow  motion.  (A challenge?)

I have photographed this triangle many times, every time different.  But composed the same every time.  Can you suggest a different composition?


I didn’t  risk a soaker in a wet peat bog to get this flower up close.  Notice the laurel leaves and very pretty 5-sepal blossom with those spots.  Very poisonous to livestock so it was first called Lambkill, Sheepkill, Pigkill etc.   Sheep Laurel.


Always on the trail of warbler, this American Redstart was a long ways away on this black ash tree, singing and gleaning insects.


After the American Restart left, this American Yellow Warbler started doing the same thing.  First time I’ve seen a Yellow in an ash tree as they usually frequent willows and poplars.


And finally a couple of scenic shots as the rain lightened up.   Big (Gereaux) Lake and Twin Rivers:





Nice countryside, even in the rain!



PS  I am going to continue to change the way I share these images with you.  Please check my emails to you for further information.



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