20150530 A foggy rainy day in Britt: Part Two

Good news!   CZ and KB have identified the unknown bird as a House Finch…. without breast streaking.  Juvenile Female?

More photos taken yesterday:

Rocks in front of DW’s house, wild rose.  (No political affiliation with those folks in AB)


Pansies on his lawn.  No comment.


Structural coloration on this Common Grackle on Hwy 529.


One of my favourite, but heavily abused tree.


Wooly aphids being tended by their farmers.


These yellow lilies follow the last of the Trilliums and bloom at the same time as purple ladyslippers



These are also known as blue-beads because of the brilliant blue seed berries they produce.


Hard to resist photographing these Aquilegia, eh?


Last few days of the T. grandiflorums.


First 4-petal flower seen this spring….indicating a dogwood.  Apparently the berries, “bunchberries” are edible, apple flavoured.  Maybe I try some this summer.


(Did you continue reading the above link to  “Release of Pollen”?  Amazing speed and acceleration!


When we visited Burwash I photographed on of my favourite members of the Iris Family.   Here it is:



Lots of  magic out there, eh?








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