20150717 Local Sights

Some random shots taken in the neighbourhood:

Visitor on juniper bush …


Last of the summer daylilies along the Still River …


Tansy is now very common along the roadsides ….


Nice colours.  …. and truncated triangles!


Broadwinged hawk on Forest Access Road


Some Highbush Cranberries are ripening…


CNR crossing north of Mowat Siding (Forest Access Rd)




Ripe!  But hard to find as the bears are feeding on them ravenously.


This is the 500,000 Volt transmission line bringing power from the 350 MW  ABITIBI CANYON GS to Southern Ontario (Including Sudbury and Parry Sound).  It is the line that the proposed Henvy Inlet Wind farm would hook into. Currently the plan is to hook the wind farm output into the line at the Parry Sound Transformer Station, although many locals, including me, prefer “Option A” which means a new Transformer Station in the vicinity of this photo (south of Hwy 522).


Near Lost Channel …


Nice country.

2 thoughts on “20150717 Local Sights

  1. Stunning pictures as usual Tom. You certainly have a gift. I was also interested in the wind turbine project at Henvey Inlet you mentioned in one of your notes. The health issues around these projects, especially in southwestern Ontario and resulting decline in property values are cause for concern. I hope the people in the surrounding area are doing their due diligence in this regard. All that aside…looking forward to more pictures.

  2. Beautiful Summer Views >> how they speaks to us ….. and the road that takes one to sights yet to be discovered. This special place we call OURS. Thank you so much.

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