20150819 Trip to Killarney where I saw a unique American Crow

We enjoyed the sights at the Killarney Red Rock Lighthouse.


Nice cool splashing water…


Uh!  Oh!  The photographer has been spotted.


(There is another nice picture of the above scene, taken almost 5 years ago, at this site.)

See the white streaking?   White crows! 

It hopped out of sight without flying so I didn’t get a chance to photo it in the air.   : (


On the way back we detoured to Burwash and saw these ripening crabapples near where the main prison block was located. It will be interesting to see if they do ripen.

Lots of high-speed trucks hauling loads of ground-up asphalt into the site so one needs to be careful in the area.


Always a nice drive to Killarney.

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