20150823 Hartley Bay Road and Highway 522

We went for a drive to Hartley Bay on the French River where we saw this abandoned dwelling with a productive highbush cranberry in front …


This beekeeper protects his honey from bears with a solar-powered electrified fence.


I am not sure what is happening here.  Providing water for the bees?


Another Viburnum trilobum:


Lead-in lines supporting the shadows? …


Andrew Wyeth style …. “Christina Olson’s barn without Christina“??


Yet another female Monarch, this time on a goldenrod …


South side of “Halfway Snowmobile Trail”  on Hwy 522.


Small Cabbage White at Portage Lake:


Another beautiful day in paradise!

One thought on “20150823 Hartley Bay Road and Highway 522

  1. Y E S, always another day in Paradise !! A “NO-BRAINER”, eh! Your views substantiate this (with A. Wyeth’s influence) – love that shot !! plus the Monarch on the goldenrod, small Cabbage White and the Viburnum Trilobum – beautiful. Thank you for recognizing and sharing.

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