20150910-11 Trip to Parry Hoot and Britt

Thursday we  booted down to Parry Sound to see the sights and get some vittles …

On the way into town, next to Harris Antiques …


I love the rubber tires …

And I love the Viburnums blooming at Brandy and Buddy’s favorite Vet’s Clinic.  (Both are fine.  I just got some vittles for them too.)


On the way home we stopped to watch the remnants of this storm pass by…..


The Cove Isle stopped in for a crew change on its way to the Sault.    That is the “Adeline” on the other side.

Captain Keith did all of the woodwork on that model of Joshua Slocum’s “Spray” himself —- while he lived aboard her … for the last 20 years.