20151019 Confirmation of Clearwing Moth

I am following NATURALLY CURIOUS WITH MARY HOLLAND.  (By “follow” I get an email every time that Mary uploads a new post).  This morning she posted ” Snowberry Clearwing Larvae Pupating“.

That is the first time that I have seen a pic of the Snowberry Clearwing and decided to follow up the ID of various clearwings at:


which showed definitive images of the various species of Clearwings.

My July 7th post of Milkweed Restaurant shows several clearwing moths.

Those are clearly Hemaris thysbe.

However since the Slender Clearwing Moth and the Snowberry Clearwing Moth are also common around the Great Lakes I will have to try to capture the wings more carefully to be sure of what I am photographing.

A few years ago I was blind to Clearwings.  Now they have become a Genus of great interest and delight.

Always something new out there!

Here is a pic taken Saturday morning in front of John and Ann’s house: