20151123 A Test of WordPress

When I posted the last entry, “20151121-22 Snow Day and the Day after” WordPress used a very different interface than earlier.  The result is a post which did not allow the user to enlarge any of the images (to better see the snowflakes.)

So here are two images to see if this interface will preserve the ability to enlarge images:

P1720236-1-3 P1720262-1

I hope that this works, as the ability to enlarge images to full size was one of the reasons that I chose WordPress in the first place!

20151121-22 Snow Day and the Day after

We finally got our first real snowfall of the season this weekend.

Last weekend we also had a very nice sunset, as seen from the “Acid Dock” in Britt.


It started snowing on the afternoon of the 21st, 3 weeks later than our first snowfall in 2014.  Here are some pix taken during the very wet snowfall:


I find it a good challenge to try to capture the snowflakes, adding a chilling effect, I hope!  It seemed to work quite well with the two clumps of grass and the Still River above.  Click on the photos to bring them full screen to see.

On Sunday morning the clouds lifted and we went down Hwy 529 to see the sights:








The temperature is -7ºC now, Sunday evening, so we’ll enjoy the snow for a couple  of days before it disappears in the warm(ish) weather forecast for mid-week.

Photography note.    That photo of the two clumps of grass turned out the way I planned it.  I wanted to capture the blurry snowflakes against the obscured overcast above the ledge.  That required a precise exposure with shutter speed, 1/200  sec and f/ of 6.3.  The other challenge was to stop the lens down sufficiently to get all of the two clumps in focus. The f/ 6.3  gives a Depth of Field equivalent to  f/18 on a Full Frame 35mm sensor.  I brought out the colour a bit using Lightroom 5.6.  Lotsa fun!