20160118 January 8-9 thaw and loss of John

We had some warm weather which brought out wildlife and gave us some interesting sights.   Here is evidence of an hour of work of the beaver featured in the previous (20160105) post, beside Riverside Drive, next to the town dock.P1730917-1

Winter nourishment for the lichen:


More ditch photography:


St Amants dock anchor posts:


Another evening photo of that birch tree:


On Saturday morning January 9th my good friend John phoned to say that the Still River had some interesting surface patterns.  So I went over to his place as he and his wife Ann were preparing for a trip to Sudbury.

Here is the Still in front of their place, where their sailboat, Windshadow, is docked in the summer, when not out on The Bay:


We chatted for a bit about the ragged shapes of the holes in the thin ice , above photo,  and concluded that it must be the result of water erosion.

P1730969-1 P1730971-1

I spent part of the day taking some more “wet” photos:






Imagine!  January 9th:


In the evening of January 9th I got a phone call telling of John’s death due to a sudden massive heart attack.  He was 65 and had lived a full life.


Here are two of the many photos I have taken of John and his beloved wife Ann:




The upper one was taken a couple of years ago when I caught John walking Wizard, his son’s doggie, in the rain.   The lower image was taken at St Amant’s Restaurant, several years ago.  Unfortunately I cannot find the original.  If anyone has a copy, please let me know.  brtthome@gmail.com.   Many thanks.

On Saturday,  January 16, we celebrated John’s life at the Magnetawan First Nation Community Centre.


Elder Roger is lighting a smudge.

After John’s passing, winter returned to Britt with plunging temperatures and lots of snow.  I took a few photographs and will post some shortly.