20160323 More ditchriding … bubbles

In addition to frost flowers roadside ditches also provide a home to bubbles.  Here are some of the ones seen recently:





The above were all photographed on a very misty flat day.   The following were taken on a brighter day:



Bubble and “ex-bubble”:



As usual, clicking on the images gives new sights to see in the bubbles!

These bubbles were taken in bright sunshine … difficult …. but with the bonus of little “sunbursts”.  I’ll try them again!


The snow that we got overnight and which is forecast for the next day or so will cover the little bits of spring that started to show recently.  So I’ll make the next post a “harbingers of spring” show.

Michele Holden, who commented on the earlier “Mid March Ditchrider scenes” is a local artist who has a very nice website here.

One thought on “20160323 More ditchriding … bubbles

  1. Tom, You were able to locate these before they vanished and SO NICELY DONE. Thank You!!!!

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