20160328 Snow-ice storm Thursday-Easter Friday

The weather gods gave us another adventure just before Easter weekend with snow and freezing rain.

This is a CN freight northbound on the CPR track near my house (Old Still River Road) in Thursday’s snowstorm:


Warming up the car Easter Friday Morning after the snow/ice storm:


Outflow from a culvert caused interesting patterns:


The heavy ice coating on the snow was very reflective …


but led to some very nice shadow patterns:


… including spots were the snowplow threw some fragments up onto the ice surface ….


It turned cold, which froze frost flowers on the surface of a dripping vertical rock.


On Saturday morning there was a light frost on the vegetation, giving some delicate images …






And, later in the day, the ponds reopened where the first Great Blue Heron of the season was catching minnows in a distant slough.


Although it is snowing again today, we are expecting the Buffleheads to come through any day now.

One thought on “20160328 Snow-ice storm Thursday-Easter Friday

  1. Yes, the weather gods have certainly blessed us and your pix were incredible – the snow crystals, the culvert, the evergreens and Heron. One more time, we are able to view the breathtaking beauty that is WInter. Thank you very much !!!!

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