20160930 September critters

Here are some photos of critters seen at the end of summer …

Unknown caterpillars …

p1440643-1 p1440644-1

Feral cat near my place …


Bears had a feast of cherries this year …




Bear work on a black cherry tree …p1790783-1

Immature Cedar Waxwing …


Female American Redstart, I think …


Broadwinged Hawk, I think…


Sparrows were starting to flock together as the moved southward …

p1450751-1 p1450764-1

Woolly aphids on cherry branch …


Racing striped Chippy engaging the photographer.  Click to see reflection in its eye.



4 thoughts on “20160930 September critters

  1. Great photos!! I think I love the animal photos best, but then I see gorgeous scenery and realize I love them all!!!!!

    • Yes, we do live in a paradise here. Lots of photo opportunities for guys like me to practice on.

  2. Tom Tom Tom, welcome back and thank you for these Summer views. Adored the animal pix but as Marilyn said “I love them all” p.s. there is just that something about animal pix – not often that they accommodate the camera Tom !!! xoxo

    • Yes, most animals do not like to have their picture taken. But sometimes they are curious and to capture a look of curiosity is a real prize!

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