20161204 Manitoulin & Burwash

These are some photos of my trip to Manitoulin Island and stop-over at the former Burwash Industrial Farm.

Saturday evening on the north shore of Lake Manitou:


A skim of ice on the ponds along Bidwell Road:


An experiment using super low ISO80 on High Falls, about 5 km south of Manitoulin East airport on Hwy 6.  Last time using that for me.  Lots of noise and messed up white balance.


Up close…

p1810708-1 p1810723-1

Ten Mile Trading Post buttoned up for the winter …


“Here’s looking at you!” say these window shutters.


Looking east from 10 Mile Point. The town of Killarney is about an island width to the right of the small island in the foreground.  If you click on the photo to zoom in, you can see the sunlit La Cloche Mountains forming the horizon in the background.


This old concrete house is on the corner just north of 10 Mile Point.  I can’t find any references to it on the internet.


On Sunday evening I stopped at the old Burwash Industrial Farm and met a couple from Sudbury.  After exchanging Greutzi’s we learned that we had a lot in common, including many mutual friends.  You never know …

This is Reilly Lake at sunset …

p1810760-1 p1810761-1-2

Sight from the old main prison block.  No elk to be seen.


Wintering trees …


This old Spruce will be seeing no more winters though.


And interesting tidbit: