20170201-05 Early February snow

On February 1st I walked back to where Brandy was killed by the freight train.  A week had passed by.  Now, Feb 15th, I am feeling up to finding another live-in companion and am putting the word out for a big doggie, older, who has no major behavioural or health issues.  Luther and Brandy were my first Shepherds.  Both were outstanding companions for stubborn me.  But I would be happy to adopt another doggie that needs a home.


I did some experimentation with the Voigtlander lens … which renders colours quite spectacularly.


And here is a shot with the FZ1000 where I am, again, trying to capture sparkles in the snow … which are quite visible if you click on the image to get a full size — in both of these images.


A truckload of maples to be used as firewood….



North side of Hartley Bay Road …


Confluence of Still River and Byng Inlet:p1830971-1

Evening light across the road from my place …



Snowstorm at Dave and Maureen’s …


Across the road, again.  I find that there is always something different to see in this location:


Fluffy snow texture around the prickly Juniper …


Vestiges of a Fall Aster:


Many textures of lichen adorn the local granites …


Old Still River Road corner post:


Stream coming out of Grundy Lake PP from Hwy 522.


The winter is becoming more typical with the occasional cold snap in between snowy, squally and wet days.  We are already well into February so Spring is soon here.

I recently got an email from Mary Holland describing “Snow Scorpions”: https://naturallycuriouswithmaryholland.wordpress.com/2017/02/15/snow-scorpionflies-active/

Local folks call them “Snow fleas”.   We usually see them in March when they appear on top of the melting snow in great numbers.   Have you figured out why that is?