20170625 Hoverflies, Plum pocket, Polydrusus formosus

We have been paying close attention to the smaller pollinators out and about on these chilly days.

Some kind of fly taking in some nectar through its proboscis …

Green flying ant or green sweat bee??

Another Syrphid or Hoverfly ….





This is a Green Immigrant Leaf Weevil ….

I am seeing these ambushers on every outing nowadays.  I suspect that I am seeing more out there!

Spreading Dogbane is an important source of nectar for many pollinators…

This might be a yellow water buttercup.  I’ll have to keep and eye out for more….

Monet, again ….

This appears to be Plum Pocket Disease, which can also affect our wild cherries:


Good story about Luna Moths.