20171012 Hwy 529 Fall Colours and Milkweed Pods

Intermittent rain showers helped us to see this year’s fall colours … which seemed to peak in a ragged way this time around the sun.

Here are the remnants of a good crop of Bristly Sarsaparilla

Little pool on east side Hwy 529 in the afternoon…

Red Maple turning …

Looking downstream, westerly, from Twin Rivers Bridge …

Goldenrod, “gone to seed”:

Three  milkweed pods, one with a critter in nymph form.

The nutrient remobilization in these raspberry leaves is almost complete.  The resulting colouration reveals the fractal-like pattern of each leaf’s vein structure.  (Click on the image a couple of times to see the patterns up close.  Use your browser’s “back” button to return.)

TinTin and I often enjoy CBC Radio One while out and about.  I find the Canadian content to be a pleasant antidote to some of the “news” that fills our aether.

A few days ago we came across a muddy pick-up carrying a couple of 4 wheelers, way back in the boonies.   In addition to other graffiti, the lifted half-ton was sporting this decal:

Apparently there are folks around who have strong feelings on the topic:

Probably best to ignore them  and to spend more of our time enjoying our natural environments, our arts and our kin and friends.

2 thoughts on “20171012 Hwy 529 Fall Colours and Milkweed Pods

  1. Love the red maple!!!! Only you can make a goldenrod look so good, even at this time of year! I love the CBC!!!

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