20171025 Hwy 69 and Burwash skies and milkweed pods

October  is going out with some good storms and a bit of snowflurrying. Here are some interesting skies and the end of the milkweed pods fluffing out.

Looking West, from Hwy 69 just north of Woods Road…

Flukey birch pointers!

Entrance to Burwash …

Neilly Lake, Burwash …

Approaching rain from the Northwest as seen from the lookout…

Lone white spruce …

Oft-photographed pond looking East from Burwash Road (old Hwy 69)

Milkweed pods … I find the dainty plumes and the orderly rows of packed seeds to be interesting and worth photographing …

Hmmm …. yet another set of interesting critters feeding on milkweeds …


More chitchat about making pictures is offered by GeorgianBay39 here.

Although I haven’t seen any Trailing Arbutus this fall, Mary Holland has.   I will keep my eyes open for them.

2 thoughts on “20171025 Hwy 69 and Burwash skies and milkweed pods

    • Thank you. I only (re)present what I see. Original art work by Others.
      A very interesting plant.

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