20171207 Experiments with video

I am starting to play with the video buttons on my camera to try to capture the other dimensions of winter weather.   I shot these on the FZ1000, edited them (minimally) in Lightroom 5.6,and trimmed them in QuickTime Player 10.3.  One of these days, if I continue to enjoy the challenge of shooting some video I’ll invest in some better editing software —- and the computer to go with it!!

Here are a couple of scenes from the snowstorm we had yesterday:

First a still image …

And now a video clip:


Now the video clip

What do you think?

5 thoughts on “20171207 Experiments with video

  1. In spite of some obvious flaws when viewed in full screen mode, the videos are more effective in capturing the essential nature of these scenes, IMHO. I think that I’ll continue to learn how to better capture a scene … maybe even to the point of using a tripod!!! The post processing workload will go up dramatically with video, giving viewers a bit of a respite from my incessant posts!

  2. Seeing that wet snow and hearing the water made me feel really cold. I don’t get the same emotion from a still frame. I liked it.

    • Thanks Joanna!
      Great! That is exactly the intent of using video that way. I am imagining the feelings that can be invoked when viewing sparkling snow. It would be nice to get a bit of sun to try it out!!!

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