20171212-13 Some winter elegance in sunshine

We enjoyed a few days of clear cold weather, bringing out the brighter side of December.

Oft-photographed Twin Rivers in the late afternoon …

Frost flowers along Hwy 529 …

Little stream … a good spot for some video …. forthcoming at a later date!

Early morning frost flowers before the crystals sublime, losing their sharpness…

Little stream on Hwy 522 near Grundy Lake PP… another good spot for some video ….

Snowmobile bridge over stream exiting Grundy Lake PP on Hwy 522.

Looking upstream at Meshaw Falls with a light mist of ice crystals rising off of the French River…

Looking downstream, with a much heavier mist ….


It is always very  pleasant to see the sun on a cold winter’s day!

Something different:  Spinning Ice Disks


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