20180127-31 End of January: ice, grouse, doggie, snow

We saw lots of variety at the end of January, including these scenes …

Skerryvore Community Road, shadows, tracks and patterns ..


Ice laden trees on Hwy 529 …

Ice encapsulated twigs …

Including birch catkins …

Ruffed grouse is not happy with its food being in a freezer…

sparkles in the ice ….

Black labrador assumes the position whilst guarding the car …

Snow at Secord Rapids …

Snow on Burwash Road ….


Time for a new month.  No doubt that February will bring some more winter scenes.


3 thoughts on “20180127-31 End of January: ice, grouse, doggie, snow

  1. Tom, your pictures are absolutely beautiful. Thank you for taking me places that I haven’t seen. I so enjoy your talent. You are truly outstanding!
    Take good care and looking forward to seeing what pictures you will capture next!
    Marion Watters

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