20150527 Warm and windy around Britt.

We let the warblers and the upper blossoms blow around in high wind today.  But we did get a few interesting pictures.

Nice colour combination of Brassica and Aquilegia, both good butterfly/moth attractors:



Nice field!!


Monarchs and Viceroys are starting to show here although their favorite nectar-rich milkweeds are only up about 15 cm.  These two exhibit mimicry:



HELP!  What is it?


White faced meadowhawk? along the stream flowing though Bill P.’s field.


Beaver is checking out the truck with a camera sticking out….


Time to make a quiet exit …



… only to reappear with a morsel clasped in its paw.


Another example of structural coloration in the neck feathers.


Common Grackle flies into setting sun right after jumping off of a power cable.  The spread tail while flying seems to be quite common with these Grackles.

Up to Sudbury on Thursday.  Not much time to take pix.  But one never knows!




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