20150528 Burwash Industrial Farm — Addendum

Folks have asked me where I was on that farm.  So here is a little map:

4-laned Hwy 69 is at upper right corner.  Sudbury is about 40 km north of that spot.   You get onto the Burwash Farm Rd (the old Hwy 69) at the turn off ramp to Killarney, about 5 km south of that spot.  You enter the farm, no gate, at the top right corner and can go to the little red circle that is just east of the curve on the railway track.  The “end of the road” photo in the previous blog was taken from that spot.  I had just turned the truck around  there to see/photograph the CPR train coming around the curve.


Most of the images were taken on the stretch of road north of Neilly Lake (the bigger one, NE of Cemetery Lake.)  Camp Bison is accessible by bush bikes or canoe down the Wanapitei River.



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