20150724-25 Restoule and Local Milkweeds

We visited Ann and Stefan at Board’s Honey Farm on Friday.  As usual, it was very informative and enjoyable.


Along the way we had to stop to take a few pix…

Pickerel Weed:


Big swamp between Hwy 524 and Restoule:


On Saturday we checked the maturity of the milkweed patch,


and found a huge crop of Milkweed Tussock Caterpillars skeletonizing the leaves of a single milkweed plant:


About 4 hours later, the top was gone and the colony had descended to the bottommost leaves of the same plant.


On a nearby Ash tree I saw this chrysalis of some sort of moth/butterfly.  We’ll keep an eye on it.


Although we’ve checked that site for Monarch chrysalises many times, we’ve yet to see one.  I wonder how far those Monarch caterpillars travel before attaching to something.