20150709 Inflorescences of various kinds ..

An inflorescence is the seed bearing part of a plant.  A plant’s inflorescence often takes the form of a flower or a panicle in the case of most grasses.

Here is a nice primer.

I decided to look more closely at the timothy  and other grasses growing in local fields:


There seems to be two colours to the stamens. Different varieties? maturities?  You’ll have to click on these to see the structures:

P1620577-1 P1620612-1

I think that I caught this one just as it was maturing … as the stamens were extending out from the core of the seed head.


Classic panicle from some kind of grass.


We used to call this one orchard grass. It grows to about 3′ high.  This image shows the seed head, panicle, “unfolding”.


A slightly different structure.


Elegant droop…. which gets more erect as the plant matures over the next few hours.


I have become quite intrigued by the huge variety of Thalictrum flowers to be seen at the edges of streams and fields.  It seems that we have two varieties and many changes as the plant matures.

Quite early in the blossoming process …


Later, more mature stages of the inflorescence:


P1630051-1 P1620634-1 P1620669-1

Some more showy, conventional flowers:

Daylilies are coming into their prime now…


Viper’s Bugloss


Evening Primroses are starting


As are the Rudbeckias, with a fly that mimics a bee.


These shrubs are coming into blossom, just past the late Reno and Peter’s corner on Riverside Rd.  They look like Buckthorns to me, especially the second one.

P1630098-1 P1630106-1

And, of course, we are being watched by this “bandit”:


I am having a hard time keeping up to the explosion of life taking place at this latitude.  I can imagine how quickly it is moving up North!

PS   I was reminded yesterday of my error a few weeks ago where I called a peony a dahlia.  Sorry.