20150710 Some moths at St Amant’s Restaurant

These critters were near the entrance to St Amants Restaurant Friday morning…

Here is a wonderful website:  SELECTED MOTHS FROM ONTARIO CANADA

You can determine which one(s) are tent caterpillar moths!

P1620897-1 P1620900-1 P1620906-1 P1620921-1 P1620946-1 P1620958-1 P1620981-1 P1620996-1 P1620999-1 P1630003-1

Yes, that is D’s hand.  We made sure that she washed them before heading back into the kitchen!

3 thoughts on “20150710 Some moths at St Amant’s Restaurant

  1. Wow ! I had no idea there were so many different families of moths in Ontario. You did have one tent caterpillar, I think I remember…..J.

  2. I think that the bottom 3 are tent caterpillars of some sort. The very bottom one, certainly.

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