20150803 Monarch factory?

We checked out the milkweed patch and found a big crop of Monarch Caterpillars reaching maturity:


P1650809-1 P1650819-1 P1650822-1

A couple of km away this Monarch was collecting nectar from this plant named after Joe Pie:

It was very close to the big patch of milkweed across the road from W’s Marina so we might see some larvae there this year.  Good!!


I included this photo because it gets the variation in maturity of the flower head of this  spirea.:


Over the last week I have noticed that the warblers are no longer singing.  And I haven’t seen any.  I suspect that the  yellow warbler families have fledged and have started their southbound journey.

2 thoughts on “20150803 Monarch factory?

  1. The visual detailing of the Monarch Caterpillars was “spot-on”. The maturing variations of flower heads differ in intricacy so thank you for this view of their progression. A resounding “Good” for the Monarchs.

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