2015085-7 Trip to Loring, Monarch cats,

Stopped along the way on our visit to Roxy’s in Port Loring:

Pond, just East of Grundy Lake Provincial Park:


Hallie B. viewing his fields from his classic MF tractor while mowing the boundary of his parents farm.  He stopped the tractor and visited with us in the truck.  We have mutual friends, it turns out.  Eddie (the fisherman) and he used to work for BOT Construction.


A little detour up the North Road yielded these views of an threatening sky:



Meanwhile,  back in Britt, a morning view of Byng Inlet.



A new bunch of Monarch “Cats” are devouring the milkweeds.  I have been searching for the chrysalises to no avail.

Now I have a plan and hope to find some over the next week or so as I think that this is the generation that will make the southern migration.



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