20150915-25 Eagle, bug, birds, etc

I have been working on other projects lately and have let the blog lapse a bit. I apologize to regular readers.

Here is an update.

First the Eagle … a 1980 AMC Wagon that was born in Brampton ON, delivered to a widow lady in Kaleden BC and driven from Penticton to Britt (with no doggies this one time)  In the spring of 2009.   You can see a picture of it parked next to my late mother’s house at https://brtthome.wordpress.com/2009/05/  (that is the May 2009 Archive on the right hand side column)


It will be restored by the fellow in the reddish shirt where it will join his Convocation of Eagles in the Catskills.


Here are two stages of the Big Milkweed Bug seen on the swelling seed pods of our milkweeds:


Last of this years Chicory along the roadside ….


I went to Pt Loring to have lunch with GG the other day, detoured to the North Road and saw this:


Got out of the truck, behind an alder tree and zoomed in to get this:


Then I set the camera up for some burst shooting, hoping to get a “launch”  when another truck came rattling down the road.   I took my eyes off of the GB Heron for a moment to check the truck.  When my eyes got back to the scene this is what I saw….


Maybe I won’t  let myself get distracted the next time I get this  lucky!!!

On that same trip I saw this on the side of the road:


And yesterday I saw this flock of Canadas visiting some decoys in Billy’s field across from my place.


Hard to tell the decoys from the real ones, eh?

Hwy 522 is a provincial highway maintained by DBI Services, a “GLOBAL LEADER IN INFRASTRUCTURE OPERATIONS AND MAINTENANCE”.


I had earlier noticed that DBI  might have confused its railway signage with its highway signage, resulting in this advice to motorists:


Good to have a but of fun at  the expense of a “GLOBAL LEADER”, eh?


One thought on “20150915-25 Eagle, bug, birds, etc

  1. Not only do we receive such interesting views but one discovers new info. as well. Your aerial views, the orchard guard, apricot blossoms and “saw this on the side of the road” were wonderful — to ONLY mention a few. Many thanks !! !!

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