20151001-07 Late start to fall colours

Fall colours are about a week later than normal this year.  Perhaps the drought that we are experiencing is the reason.  Here are a few pix taken over the last week:

Here is an early red maple taken on the Forest Access Rd on October 4th, a drab day:


We did get a day of rain so I caught some drops on a tamarack, whose needle tips show stress….

(this one is worth clicking on to see the drops more clearly.)


Work has started on the CNR railway relocation for the Hwy 400 ramps at the Hwy 400 /Hwy 522 interchange.  This is looking north up the hill between Key River and Hwy 522.  The CNR will eventually  come in from the left (where you see the rock truck), go under the “Old Hwy 69”, and rejoin the tracks on the southern side of Portage Lake.  The Highway will be moved to the West a bit to allow for the rebuilding job.


More red maples seen from Hwy 69 near the Magnetawan Reserve.


The last of the Heal-all (Prunella vulgaris) in the deep shade.


The reason that I was in the “deep shade”…..  looking up at the bridge over the non-flowing Harris Creek under Hwy 69.


Some sugar maples on the Centre Rd from McKellar towards Hurdville:


Off of Blackwater Road:


Oft photographed barn just west of the town of Rosseau:


Hwy 141 near Rosseau.


On the way back, yet another photo of the “Twin Rivers” from Hwy 529.


Early morning (7:42)  light at Straight Lake, between Bekanon and Key River:


Ten minutes later at Clear Lake, Grundy Lake Prov Park:


After a day of rain forecast for today, Friday, the Thanksgiving Weekend has a forecast for clear weather.  The colours will probably peak then.   Hopefully the winds will be calm.

KB sent me this link, which is of interest to Monarch Butterfly watchers:


I have been following Mary Holland’s Naturally Curious Blog…. a very nice journal of “natural philosophy”.


Happy Thanksgiving!   We have a lot to be thankful for.


4 thoughts on “20151001-07 Late start to fall colours

    • Thanks Pat. I had the pleasure to meet your doppelgänger, Ann L. last week. Apparently I am not the first to notice the similarity!

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