20151228 Night before the winter storm on Georgian Bay

Various weatherfolks have forecast a significant storm overnight and tomorrow:


Screen Shot 2015-12-28 at 4.06.31 PM

It looks like we’ll get about a foot of snow, driven by high winds overnight and tomorrow.   It will be exciting to try to capture some of the sights with the camera.

Boxing Day arrived with a misty sky as the moon set in the west.  Here is a photo of the setting moon through two dead elms beside my driveway:

( Do you see the error I made in this image?)


Yes, I focused on the moon.  I should’ve focused on the branches, as the moon was obstructed by the mist anyway!    I did rectify the situation a minute later, but by then the cloud had obstructed the moon!  Gotta pay attention when doing this sort of thing!

We went for a short drive up the highway to capture the rising sun on a frosty day:


Then back into Britt to see the Inlet:

St Amants dock posts …


Nice cottage in the sunlight, with Mrs. and Mr. Mallard inspecting the scene.


A Touch of Frost on the cedars …


Yes, Jack Frost has been by …


Yesterday we went out on the Jamot Lumber Road after a light snowfall …


Can anyone explain this?  The ice is about an inch thick and the circle about 6′ in diameter:


Nice light!


I’ve got flashlights ready and the generator checked in case we need them tonight.  December is going out with a bit of a bang!