20151228 Night before the winter storm on Georgian Bay

Various weatherfolks have forecast a significant storm overnight and tomorrow:


Screen Shot 2015-12-28 at 4.06.31 PM

It looks like we’ll get about a foot of snow, driven by high winds overnight and tomorrow.   It will be exciting to try to capture some of the sights with the camera.

Boxing Day arrived with a misty sky as the moon set in the west.  Here is a photo of the setting moon through two dead elms beside my driveway:

( Do you see the error I made in this image?)


Yes, I focused on the moon.  I should’ve focused on the branches, as the moon was obstructed by the mist anyway!    I did rectify the situation a minute later, but by then the cloud had obstructed the moon!  Gotta pay attention when doing this sort of thing!

We went for a short drive up the highway to capture the rising sun on a frosty day:


Then back into Britt to see the Inlet:

St Amants dock posts …


Nice cottage in the sunlight, with Mrs. and Mr. Mallard inspecting the scene.


A Touch of Frost on the cedars …


Yes, Jack Frost has been by …


Yesterday we went out on the Jamot Lumber Road after a light snowfall …


Can anyone explain this?  The ice is about an inch thick and the circle about 6′ in diameter:


Nice light!


I’ve got flashlights ready and the generator checked in case we need them tonight.  December is going out with a bit of a bang!

3 thoughts on “20151228 Night before the winter storm on Georgian Bay

  1. THANK YOU for all the incredible pix and insights you have given us in 2015 and so looking forward to the new year with anticipation for MORE of the same. All the best.

  2. Thank you, Jessica and Krys for your generous comments. It is strange how difficult it seems to find interesting photo ops this time of year …. until one gets OUT THERE to look, find, point, engage, shoot and enjoy!
    Best for 2016!

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