20160128 Some nice lighting on Jan 19

We had some interesting sunlight illuminating snowy scenes lately.  Some examples:



Midday light:


As the afternoon progressed the light had an orange tint …


Probably because of the reflection off of the orange coloured clouds:


… giving  an interesting glow to the quartering backlit landscape.


… with even more dramatic colouration when directly backlit:


(Yes, the above is worth clicking on a couple times to see the sparkling nature of the ice on those branches.  Use your brower “back” button to return to this blog.)

… ending up with a gentle reflection off of the snow:


…. or screened by this oft-photographed clump of tamaracks on Shebeshekong Road on the Shawanaga FN Reserve.


… and in the evening the scattering of moonlight by the ice particles in thin clouds provided this glimpse of a lunar corona:


It is always amazing, eh?

2 thoughts on “20160128 Some nice lighting on Jan 19

  1. So what !!!! ….nice?? I think not – try magical and WOW (My moon pix now). Thank you for this.

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