20160707 Foggy morning changes distant and close-up scenery.

We ventured forth early and used two cameras, the FZ1000 for distant wider views and the GH4 with Panasonic-Leica 100-400 mm lens for narrow views and close-ups.  This is some of what we saw:

Key River looking west from the Hwy 69 Bridge through the long lens.  The foreshortening on a cloudy day gives an interesting effect.  I will experiment further with foreshortening on cloudy days.


We did the Hwy 607 Loop, then went down Hartley Bay Road before having breakfast at the French River Inn.  Some photos have been converted to monochrome just for variety … as the colours were muted. This next bunch were made with the FZ1000.

Hwy 69 near Henvey Inlet FN Reserve:


Hwy 607A:

P1780576-1 P1780582-1-2

Hwy 607:


Looking south at Hwy 607 bridge over Murdock River:


Abandoned farmhouse on Hartley Bay Rd:


Ham Lake from Hartley Bay Rd.:


On the way home after breakfast we visited Hwy 522, Jamot  Lumber Road, and the Ludgate Trail to the bridge.   The fog had lifted leaving lots of water droplets behind so I used the very long lens on the GH4 camera.

At the Hwy 522 pond between the Park and Pakesley crossing we saw these two unidentified insects …

P1380203-1 P1380281-1

The upper one might be a hover fly and the bottom one could be one of the hangingflies.

Some of the thistles were starting to bloom…


Nice drops …


Along Jamot Lumber Road, some Heal-all caught some water droplets:


… as did this Daisy Fleabane:


Even though it hadn’t rained, the few hours of morning fog helped with the moisture demand for all of the vegetation…


Thistles  blooming at the first Bailey Bridge.


New Tamarack cones are forming at the quarry…


Water drops on Fireweed …


A good crop of Elderberries this year …


Some leaves, like this Poplar, are more hydrophobic than others …


A beautiful wet fern on the Ludgate Trail…


I am looking forward to learning more about picture-making on cloudy days.  You might be interested in viewing some of the above images “up close and personal”, by clicking on them.

Soon we’ll be seeing some Dogbane Beetles emerging & mating.

Lots happening out there.