20160708,09 Lots of bugs, blooms, bees, scenery

Although we got out to make some pictures we haven’t been keeping up with processing them and getting them onto this blog.  So here is a big bunch taken last Friday and Saturday.

This year’s crop of Mallards are growing up quickly ….


Common chicory is also known as blue daisy, blue dandelion, blue sailors, blue weed, bunk, coffeeweed, cornflower, hendibeh, horseweed, ragged sailors, succory, wild bachelor’s buttons, and wild endive.”

Here it attracts a variety of bees and hoverflies to its nectar:

P1380620-1 P1380632-1 P1380635-1 P1380661-1 P1380688-1

I tried to ID this moth but couldn’t find it in my books or on the Internet.  This is usually an effective website, but not with this specimen.   Maybe it gets lost in the “selected moths of Ontario”.


This colourful Virginia Ctenuchid Moth was a lot easier to identify:

P1380775-1 P1380814-1

This is the unfortunate progress of those plum blossoms I wondered about earlier this year.  Some sort of blight, methinks.


Diana’s Mallows:


Cow Parsley going to seed along the roadsides …


Meadow Fritillary, I think.  I couldn’t get a photo of the underside or dorsal view as this butterfly briefly lit on a milkweed and quickly flitted off.


Stormy weather at Big Lake …  I have been experimenting with B&W, with the help of Andrew and Ray.   Interesting exercises for the (discerning(?)) eye.


Meadowsweet is starting to bloom now.  ( I know it as wild spirea.)


This (two-spotted (?)) bumblebee worked hard harvesting nectar from a milkweed plant …

P1390053-1 P1390063-1 P1390093-1 P1390179-1 P1390198-1

Monarch Butterfly caterpillar on its only host,  Common Milkweed.


Hoverfly harvesting nectar on milkweed.


We had a couple days of stormy weather, providing some interesting skyscapes over our landscapes.






Big Lake, where I met Jonathan, a Ryerson photography graduate, now developing kids’ learning apps for TVO, on a motorcycle tour of Northern Ontario.   We had a good chat, while admiring these cloud formations…..


Pickerel weeds at Big Lake …


Bold sky,  looking west off of Hwy 69 at the old Dream Inn.


You’ll have a break from this blog for a few days as we’re off to Manitoulin to visit with kith and kin.   (I’ll probably take some pictures too.)