20160813 A rainy day in Britt

We had a day of much needed gentle rain.  So we got the camera out to see what we could see.  Some samples from along the side of Riverside Drive:

Lone drop on this Goldenrod showing the rock outcrop behind …


The base of the stem indicates a Chokecherry.  If the base were more like an eggplant it would be a Blackcherry.


A pair of hollyhock blossoms …

P1430415-1 P1430429-1

Red pine needles are very firm, hold up under the drops.  White pine needles behave quite differently…


Highbush cranberries are ripening.   This photo shows the origin of the botanical name for this plant, Viburnum trilobum   (three lobed leaf)


My sister put me onto this exceptional photographer of birds in flight:  (Click on the images to see more, especially the hummingbirds:)


And a friend sent this link along.  More exceptional photography:


Click on the little arrows to see a nice variety of bird flight patterns.