20160819 A trip to Port Loring along Hwy 522

We went to Roxy’s in Port Loring for a taco salad lunch.  I should’ve made a photo of the plate as it was a home-made taco in the shape of a bowl filled with a very nice Mexican salad: tomatoes, olives, onions, lettuce, cheeses, chilies, refried beans, sauces and served with a generous dollop of sour cream.

Along the way we stopped to make some photos of the scenery along Hwy 522.

The light westerly wind aloft was gently lifting the moist air evaporating off of Georgian Bay to form very nice Cumulus clouds.

The swamp/lake just west of the Lost Channel Road.


Across from Young’s Road.


Lucky to see some joy-riding at the Ess Narrows Bridge!


Last week’s rain has had a great greening effect on the streambanks…


And it has refloated this patch of waterlilies:


Looking West from the North Road outside of Loring.


Now looking east, further north along the North Road …


After lunch we stopped to investigate this Model T Ford being loaded by cable boom crane:


Aha!  No driver.  A roadside attraction concocted by a local farmer.


What a windshield design!  Before the days of air-conditioned truck cabs.


A  little further along Hwy 522, westbound, we see a stormcloud building up over Brooks quaint little acre.


This reminds me of How Green was my Valley (before the coming of coal):


Ess Narrows again, this time looking south.


And, finally, late in the day, the wind has died down and blue sky returns from the west.


All of the above were taken with the FZ1000 camera, giving the long lens (and the bugs) a rest.

Earlier today I came across this wonder World Wildlife Fund Sequence:


I think you’ll enjoy it, especially the cute ending!