20160930 September landscapes and other stuff

Here are some images that were made of the last month or so …

The next few were taken off of the North Road, Loring ON.  I included the series as the sky was changing quite rapidly …

p1790668-1 p1790680-1 p1790683-1 p1790701-1 p1790707-1-2 p1790725-1 p1790743-1

A little further up North Road …


Remnants of Byng Inlet 100 year old dockage:


A few minutes later as the camera followed the geese in the above photo.


I don’t know what this vine is.  Seems like a cultivar.


Diana’s wonderful pansies and zinnias…

p1450227-1 p1450230-1 p1450247-1

A good crop of cedar seeds this year …


Maples are turning …


Hwy 529 white pine in the mist …

p1790810-1 p1790816-1 p1790822-1 p1790829-1

Elderly (’50s) International half-ton.


Here is that white pine again…


And the rocks in Big Lake again…


Turning leaves …

p1790861-1 p1790871-1-2

Lichens after a rain …

p1450566-1 p1450571-1

Monet and his waterlilies!!


Evening primroses are ending their bloom cycle…


And Pale Corydalis are blooming again … the second generation this year:



Although many photographers suggest that the end of summer is a quiet time for natures images, it seems that there is always something interesting to see, if we look.

4 thoughts on “20160930 September landscapes and other stuff

  1. Thanks for the autumn photos, Tom. It seems such a short while ago that you were snapping photos of spring . Where did the summer go?

    I¹m heading for two weeks in Palm Springs in a week. I decided to only go for two weeks this year. Partly the Canadian dollar, but more that I miss Vancouver, my apartment, and friends. I think I may need a new location for my annual autumn vacation next year.

    Did you receive the pictures I emailed of the 60th reunion? Hope so.


    From: Brtthome’s Blog Reply-To: Brtthome’s Blog Date: Friday, September 30, 2016 at 12:32 PM To: Ray McNabb Subject: [New post] 20160930 September landscapes and other stuff

    WordPress.com brtthome posted: “Here are some images that were made of the last month or so … The next few were taken off of the North Road, Loring ON. I included the series as the sky was changing quite rapidly … A little further up North Road … Remnants o”

    • Hi Ray,
      Yes, the days, weeks, seasons and years seem to accelerate with each passing year, eh?
      I find Palm Springs to be a highlight when crossing the continent on Interstate 10. But I usually bypass it and take Hwy 62(?) up around Twenty Nine Palms … a spectacular desert drive.
      I don’t go south for winter anymore. I guess that I am getting lazy in my old age. Too many health issues to bother with also.
      Yes, I did get the great photos of the 60th. Thanks very much for passing them on. You guys are all showing your age very well!

  2. Tom Tom Tom, THANK YOU so much for these beautiful views and Tom, soon you will aksi bring us those majestic colours of Fall. xoxo

    • Hi Krys,
      I hope to be taking a trip out your way in a couple of weeks. I want to check out the fall colours especially on the old Nipissing Trail south of Magnetawan. Maybe I’ll be able to make the loop out your way also.

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